We have updated our floor plans to allot a minimum of six feet between tables and traffic areas. The largest party allowed is 6 guests. With the reduced number of tables, if you have a preferred seating area (Patio, Tavern, Dining Room) we will do our best to accommodate requests but are not guaranteed unless of mobility issues.
We allot 2 hours per reservation and sanitize each table/area thoroughly before the next seating.  Please be understanding of our time limit and respect it for the safety of you and all of our other guests.
In an effort to promote social distancing, we will have hosts greeting guests outside and will guide you to your table to control traffic in, out, and through restaurants to ensure that safe social distancing is maintained as much as possible.. Your entire party must be present before going to your table. Please keep your mask on until you are seated at your table.  We ask that you limit leaving your table.  Sanitizing stations are available in addition to restroom sinks to give additional options and avoid bathroom congestion.
We have implemented strict safety practices for our staff.  Our staff are monitored prior to their shift and anyone who may feel possibly sick is encouraged to stay home. While at work all staff will be wearing masks, frequently hand washing, and consistently sanitizing all surfaces.
Dining servers will have disposable silverware, plates, and cups by request.  Guests will be provided with single use disposable menus. All condiments (salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayo, sugar) must be provided directly to diners in single-use disposable containers or re-usable containers that are cleaned between each party. Cups, lids, napkins, and straws will be delivered to the table after the party has been seated.
To reduce contact with each table, your server will only clear items from your table when asked and items are placed at the edge closest to the server.
For check presentation, we have a handheld POS that is sanitized before and after each use, or paper receipt and sanitized pen. Please let us know if you have a preference.